Slip On Window Shades

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Slip-On Window Shades

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Are you a caring parent? Have you thought that your children may be overheating in the backseat but may not have communicated their feelings?

❌Overheat Your Children
❌ Insects Inside The Car That Scare Children
✅Decrease Heat By up to 40%
✅ Roll Down Your Window For Fresh Air
✅ Blocks UV Light
✅ Stretchy and Easy To Place

“High body temperature could be fatal to infants and children — and those who survive may sustain permanent neurological damage,” said a pediatric Professor from the University of California.

Even inside the car, we can be exposed to UV rays which can be a risk especially when kids are around. Worry not, our Slip-On Car Window Shades can instantly block UV light from getting in!


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